is one of the biggest and most popular Bulgarian news websites. It covers breaking news from Bulgaria and world, viral news, videos and galleries, tech, and celebrity news. keeps a well-balanced mix of "hard" and "soft" news, following the latest trends in digital news consumption and the growing importance of social media.

*data source: Google Analytics currently used by Netinfo is one of the most recognizable products of Netinfo. Over 1 million users daily read the news and entertainment content on the website every day.

The road of this website began in the end of the 1990s, when it was launched under a different name. In 1990, Netinfo created the website, which was renamed to in 1999.

This can confidently be described as the company's first products and one of the first information websites at that time. Ten years later, in 2009, a landmark change would occur, which would result in the emergence of Netinfo's own brand.

New look, new vision, new name

At first sight, this seemed like a risky move – in most cases user loyalty is associated with their return on the platform, which entertains them and is innovative, but is also a platform they are used to. changed two things: its vision and its name, which was now

"Through the years,'s team has always looked for innovative ways of presenting and distributing content," said Evgenia Drumeva, the website's editor-in-chief, adding that: "We were among the first websites to use multimedia. We also included reader comments in our content."

Competition in the digital world is fierce and very dynamic. Therefore, each product should have a defining philosophy.'s priority is to provide unbiased and comprehensive information.

"Journalists at select the news and topics they work un with the idea of saving time for the readers – allowing them to quickly find their way in what's happening in Bulgaria and abroad, be informed about all major events, and have a solid background of the events," Evgenia Drumeva explained. The news team is at the core of every media, but the audience needs and the development of social media required a specific type of journalists, particularly in the Viral team.

The introduce viewers to the topics trending in social media. is actively present in social media – it has over 170,000 Facebook followers and over 10,000 Instagram followers. Since a growing number of people prefer to visit the website through their phones, the website's mobile version has a special new format – story, Evgenia Drumeva said.

Thus, the website is changing along with the audience needs, while remaining true to its principles – to provide current, comprehensive and curious information to its users.

data source: Google Analytics currently used by Netinfo