supplements the information and analytical content published in the Telegraph and Match Telegraph newspapers. The website combines current live news contributed by the media’s experienced journalists, offering users versatile news in various categories, including Sports, Bulgaria, The World, Health, Crime, Business, The City, Society, Lifestyle, Interesting, Hi-Tech, and Zodiac. The website’s editorial team also provides analyses, interviews, and comments, as well as a serious of interesting topics from all fields of life.

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Telegraph, one of Bulgaria’s biggest daily newspapers, can now be found online at The website is a combined source of current information and brings together the experience of the journalistic teams of the Telegraph daily and the sports daily Match Telegraph. The web portal supplements the information and analytical content available in the rich portfolio of websites, operated by Net Info, the leading digital media and technology company Net Info. On the website, users can find the headline news in the following categories: Bulgaria, Sports, World, Health, Crime, Business, City, and Society. Telegraph’s journalists provide current information to the widest audience possible in real time through their own investigations, analysis, interviews, and comments. is also looking for curious and entertaining topics from all aspects of life – lifestyle, celebrities, art, technologies, innovations, and astrology.