The platform Oh, na mama! is developed in collaboration with doctors, experts and specialized teams from renowned hospitals, which are going to be our partners. The goal is to organize the content as high-grade, reliable source of information, provided by experts and doctors, who could help future and present parents in the complicated task of raising their children. has been developed jointly with physicians, experts, and teams from selected hospitals to ensure high-quality, reliable content. The platform aims to help future and current mothers find verified medical facts about the development, health, and upbringing of their kids.

The website offers information about the stages of pregnancy and the raising of young children. Oh, Na Mama! is also a place for all ladies who are planning to get pregnant. On the platform, they will find answers to all their important questions, concerns, and emotions ahead of their pregnancy.

There is a special section containing offers and products for parents looking for kids’ goods suitable for babies and older children. The registration option gives users a feeling of a personal experience with recommendations and advice on parenting.