Nova Play is a catch-up video platform that gives access to the content of Nova TV. All news and shows, as well as some series, are available free of charge and with no registration required.

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NOVAPLAY, or when good mood is absolutely free

Television as we know it today starts from Germany, where the first programmes are aired way back in 1929.

Soon, the world will be enchanted – every day, at a particular hour, everyone would stand still in front of the TV screen to watch their favourite shows, series, interesting news and faces.

This would last for decades to come – after work, millions of people all over the world would have one thing in common – the family tradition of watching TV together in the end of the day.

However, all this changes sometime in the 1990s, when life has become more hectic, and the 8-hour workday is already history. The TV programme, however, remains the same – shows would run on the same day, in the same hour.

Bulgaria keeps up with the global trends. People's lives are completely different, and in just two decades TV content viewers were not always able to watch their favourite shows on TV.

And this is where the internet came in.

Despite the general view that television and the worldwide web are in competition, the two channels can actually operate in each other's favour.

The NOVA PLAY platform is an example of how TV content can successfully be integrated in the digital world. This allows users to watch everything not only at a time they choose, but also from any location.

NOVA PLAY was set up in 2010 with the main goal of securing comfort to consumers. Part of its content, including the most attractive TV productions, is also available outside Bulgaria.

Time is one of the key resources each of us has and this is what a digital platform secures. Users have total control over their favourite shows and series, much larger than the control they get with the remote control in their hands.

If a viewer has missed a show, they can find it on the website, 7 to 30 days after it was aired. Apart from TV content, NOVA PLAY also offers special collections of exclusive content – TV series and shows.

The platform is available on all popular devices – PCs, tablets and smartphones in mobile (3G, 4G) or WiFi network. NOVA PLAY's content is a demonstration of NOVA's commitment to offer innovative solutions and projects targeting the young and active audience, suitable for all modern platforms and devices.

Statistics speaks clearly of the fact that internet TV watching is a trend. NOVA PLAY gains growing popularity among people living "online". In 2018, the platform's real users increased by 15%*.

NOVA supports Bulgarian films

Nova Broadcasting Group supports Bulgarian film productions on all platforms – TV, movies, and the internet. As a market leader, one of Bulgaria's biggest multiplatform media and technology companies is a pioneer in innovation, high quality Bulgarian productions, establishing Bulgarian actors and new faces, and working with some of Bulgaria's best directors and producers.

NOVA PLAY allows a greater audience to watch TV online anytime, anywhere.

In a bid to be even more useful for its audience, the platform now allows watching NOVA live from any device that has internet access, wherever users may be – both in Bulgaria and abroad.

This comes to reinforce one fact – that television and the internet can complement each other for the sake of their audience, guaranteeing great mood and entertainment!

*data source: Google Analytics currently used by Netinfo