Gong.bg is one of the leaders in the field of sports information online, provides sport news, analysis, exclusive content, video, games, livescore, and other. The platform aims to be the most up-to-date and most reliable source of sports news. Key features include video content from championships that Nova TV has rights to distribute in Bulgaria – the Efbet League, the Premium league, UEFA, etc.

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Gong.bg was created in 2007, but its history started 14 years earlier.

In 1993, with the creation of Darik Radio, the Gong Sports Show hosted by Tomislav Rusev also launched. In 2003, amid the huge interest of the audience, radio Gong was born. The radio was unique – it was a national coverage radio made by an experienced team of professionals. In 2006, it was sold, but the team, which was now big and had made a name for its professionalism, decided to make their own website.

Gong.bg's journalists are established names in their field of specialty. Readers know that if something appears on this website, it is true.

The readers' trust in the team's work is evidenced by the multiple awards Gong.bg has won over the years – in 2009, Gong.bg won the audience award at the 10th anniversary edition of the BG Site competition in the Media category. Gong.bg's special website for the 2012 European Football Championship (euro2012.gong.bg) was named the best Bulgarian website at the Web 2012 awards in the Sports Media category.

In 2013, the website joined the big family of Netinfo.

Almost from the beginning, special sections were created for events such as football tourneys and Olympic games. Gong.bg was also the official UEFA partner for Euro 2016.

The key goal of Gong.bg is to be useful for its readers. There is a page for every team (a sort of a mini website), where users can find all news about the particular team. There are also such pages for all efbet Liga teams, as well as all major European teams.

Gong's forum is another important element of the trust and thought about the website's readers. It appeared as soon as radio Gong was born. In 2014, it was thoroughly overhauled.

Gong.bg was one of the first website to launch its mobile versions. This was followed by the creation of a mobile app. The sports website was also Netinfo's mobile first website (i.e. it had more mobile than desktop users).

The live coverage of sports games is one of the trademarks of Gong.bg. An editor follows the match, announcing what's happening minute by minute. Thus, even while at work, anyone can follow the match, find out there is a goal and watch video footage.

The website's goal now is to start covering a wider variety of sports disciplines. The team is set to be expanded, attracting experts in less familiar disciplines to ensure high-quality coverage.

*data source: Google Analytics currently used by Netinfo