brings together high-quality and reliable content targeting all current and future dog and cat owners. The platform’s useful information is presented in a language that is easy to understand for all users who want to gain additional insight and experience in pet keeping. The website offers various categories covering a broad range of topics.

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The website offers an array of high-quality, reliable content targeting all current and future dog and cat owners. The useful information available on the platform is presented in an easy-to-understand language for all users, who seek additional knowledge and experience in raising pets. The platform offers various categories spreading over a broad spectrum of topics. They include sections dedicated to the most common problems and their solutions when it comes to the health, diet, care, hygiene, behavior, training, breeding and neutering of pets. The website also features detailed information about the different breeds of dogs and cats, their habits, raising, character, exterior and communicativeness. also offers various tricks, curious facts, tips, hot topics and answers to the most common questions when it comes to pets. Every day, users will be able to get to know a different breed of cats and dogs. There is also a search tool with pre-set filters that helps users choose the best pet for their family based on the expectations and requirements of the future owner.