DarikNews.bg is one of the leading news website in Bulgaria, a preferred online media and a trusted source of information. The website is focusing on national and regional news, politics, business, finance, commentary articles, and analysis.

*data source: Google Analytics currently used by Netinfo

Dariknews.bg joined Netinfo's big family in 2013, when Darik News Ltd acquired Netinfo.

In early 2017, DarikNews.bg's design functionalities and facilities for its users were completely overhauled. All new elements are in line with the latest search and usage trends, providing users fast and easy access to all important news from Bulgaria and the world.

The website strives to remain true to its viewers, who have repeatedly shared that if they want to find out what is going on in Bulgaria and around the world, they go to DarikNews.bg, because they know they can trust it.

For the past several years, the media has managed to reach a new audience by developing its "Curious" section, where everyone can find an interesting article beyond serious news and glimpse into the lives of celebrities or take a walk around breath-taking places through various galleries. The website is actively present in social networks in a bid to reach a greater number of new users.

DarikNews.bg is one of the leading information providers in Bulgaria. Its audience is of all age groups with the majority of users being 25-54 years old (70%)*. DarikNews.bg works hard to maintain its leading positions in the saturated information space. The website utilizes the latest technological solutions and software improvements and will continue to invest in the richness and variety of information and in the speed, with which it reaches its readers.

*data source: Google Analytics currently used by Netinfo