is personal finance website launched in 2008. In addition to topical banking products, the website provides information on personal and family finances, introducing possibilities for insurance and tax specifics. Pariteni is popular among users due to its easy-to-understand content, oriented to a broad audience with none or basic finance culture.

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"Money should be managed, not served", Seneca

Information can give you great strength, superiority, and even power.

Information can also help you make more responsible decisions that would work for you in the future.

This is the mission of – to provide information and advice in one of the most important aspects of our lives – personal finance.

The website was launched in 2008 and is dedicated to one of the topics that affect both the small and the big plans in the life of every consumer – finance. This is also one of the products that Netinfo decided to bring forward in 2019 amid the growing need of advice in this field.

The new element offered by this website, however, is the first-hand advice from experts in finance guiding users and helping them manage their money smartly.

Bulgarians still have a way to go in adopting the culture of insurance, but it is certainly on the rise. offers its audience not only expert advice, but also things we should know before making different types of insurance – for example, health insurance when we travel abroad, or property insurance when we buy a new home.

The website also features real estate information and interviews and advice from leading experts in this industry. Users who still hesitate about making one of the most important choices in their lives – where to live, can also gain first-hand insight into trends on this market.

The website has several practical functionalities, particularly useful for people who are about to start a new career. One of them is a calculator generating or gross and net salary. Users can also calculate some of the most important insurance policies: civil liability, car insurance, different property and health insurance options.

Another convenient functionality, particularly for people who are travelling abroad, is the currency calculator which helps us calculate how much foreign currency we have.

Apart from useful personal finance advice, also offers up-to-date, in-depth information about the latest news and trends in the world of finance. You can find information about the latest law amendments, expert opinions and anything that can affect our personal finance.

Labour law is one of the categories that are particularly important for users. The main goal of is to establish its positions as a reliable advisor in personal finance. Its mission is to be useful for consumers, helping them make informed decisions in one of the most sensitive aspects of their lives.

With the help of experts, specialists and its editorial team, is Netinfo's website that fills another niche. The platform's audience can rest assured it has an online space where they can quickly and easily find reliable and high quality finance information.

*data source: Google Analytics currently used by Netinfo