About us

Netinfo is one of Bulgaria’s leading digital media companies, with reach of over 80% of the local internet audience, according to Gemius Bulgaria. The company is part of the multi-platform media and technology company Nova Broadcasting Group, subsidiary of United Group, a leading telecommunications and media operator in Southeast Europe.

Reach on Bulgaria

Reach on Bulgarian internet audience 11% YoY Growth


Netinfo product portfolio

Founded in 1998, today Netinfo’s products engage over 3.78 million real users monthly, delivering 76% reach on mobile, 69% on desktop, and 81% combined reach, according to Gemius Bulgaria (Jan 2021).

Netinfo aims to be an integral part of the daily routine of every digital Bulgarian and operates some of the most popular Bulgarian websites:

Google Analytics 360 data for each site can be found at netinfocompany.bg/portfolio
All Netinfo websites are also measured by Gemius Bulgaria.

Digital advertising

Netinfo is one of the most innovative digital publishers on the market and offers a large portfolio of advertising products.

  • We are best optimized for awareness campaigns through a standard, rich media and video display, with high viewability, guaranteed brand safety and full GDPR compliance.
  • Using the Google Ads technology and DMP services, we are able to offer age, gender, location, contextual, behavioral, and other targeting options.
  • The company offers programmatic direct deals, branded content and native ads, DSP and DMP services, and AdWise self-served platform for cost-per-click ads.
  • Having the biggest Bulgarian inbox provider ABV.bg, Netinfo is able to double open rates of clients mail lists through ABV.bg Email Promotion.
  • For more details and ads options, please follow up our whole Sales Presentation.

Most popular products


ABV.bg is one of the biggest Bulgarian e-mail services with more than 2 million monthly active accounts. It is safe, secure and easy-to-use, anywhere and anytime, with its native mobile application for both iOS and Android. The main use cases driving growth in user base are ecommerce, websites and platforms registrations, personal finance accounting, and job seeking. ABV.bg is also popular among small business. They prefer to use ABV.bg instead of email on owned domain or paid subscription in other service provider.
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Sinoptik.bg is a weather service website with detailed forecast for more than 80K locations both locally and internationally. Sinoptik.bg is one of the first weather sites in Bulgaria and has been recognized by the users as a trusted, even loved everyday destination. Nowadays, its traffic is dominantly mobile. As a powerful brand, it is the top choice of advertisers in Netinfo’s portfolio.
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Vbox7 is a video & viral stories entertainment destination for millennials and Zgens. It is popular as one of the biggest Bulgarian websites in this age category. Content is editorially moderated, but created by independent producers, vloggers, and other creators. Additional stream of content is generated by 7Talents – MCN for digital first content, including popular premium web series, like Follow Me, Viral, Not This Way, Brother, and many others. The platform is home to rich TV content, contributed by Nova Broadcasting Group, Zoomin TV, RUPTLY, DW, and others.
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Nova.bg is a one-destination website for users’ favorite TV content – trusted international and Bulgarian news and journalism, top-class entertainment programs, exciting Bulgarian TV series, sports and more. Nova.bg is the biggest news website in Netinfo news ecosystem and Gemius’ Bulgaria News Websites category*.
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Nova Play

Nova Play is a catch-up video platform that gives access to the content of Nova TV. All news and shows, as well as some series, are available free of charge and with no registration required.
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Vesti.bg is one of the biggest and most popular Bulgarian news websites. It covers breaking news from Bulgaria and world, viral news, videos and galleries, tech, and celebrity news. Vesti.bg keeps a well-balanced mix of “hard” and “soft” news, following the latest trends in digital news consumption and the growing importance of social media.
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DarikNews.bg is one of the leading news website in Bulgaria, a preferred online media and a trusted source of information. The website is focusing on national and regional news, politics, business, finance, commentary articles, and analysis.
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Gong.bg is a sports website, one of the leaders in the field of sports information online. The website provides sport news, analysis, exclusive sports content, video, games, livescore, and other engagement tools. The platform aims to be the most up-to-date and most reliable source of sports news. Key features include video content from championships that Nova TV has rights to distribute in Bulgaria – the Efbet League, the Premium league, UEFA, etc.
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Edna.bg is an ezine with strong influence among 25+ urban women, offering engaging, inspirational and helpful content – articles about beauty and fashion, leisure, culinary, relationship advice, and tips for a healthy lifestyle. Some of the most popular content segments on Edna.bg include the horoscope, celebrity news, and quizzes. More than 25 external authors are part of Edna.bg – popular actors, musicians, and experts in various areas.
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Pariteni.bg is personal finance website launched in 2008. In addition to topical banking products, the website provides information on personal and family finances, introducing possibilities for insurance and tax specifics. Pariteni is popular among users due to its easy-to-understand content, oriented to a broad audience with none or basic finance culture.
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Oh, Na Mama

Ох, на мама!(Oh, Na Mama) is developed in collaboration with doctors, experts and specialized teams from renowned hospitals. The goal is to organize the content as a high-grade, reliable source of information to help future and present parents in the complicated task of raising their children. It covers the parental journey from stage “I want to get pregnant”, through pregnancy, all the way to the first three years of childhood.
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Gbg.bg is one of the first web portals in Bulgaria, established in 1997. Its home page offers an editor's choice sections and the most interesting news and content from Netinfo's portfolio.
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Grabo.bg is one of the most recognizable local marketplace for discounted services and experience. The best place to find attractive offers for travel, entertainment, events, food, wellness, services, etc. Established in 2010, it has been part of NBG (majority stake) since 2015.
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Gemius Bulgaria, Jan. 2021